These are projects I have worked on. Feel free to click to learn more details about the project and my role in its development.

Zoompack Challenge (Prototype)

Zoompack Challenge is a skill reflex based 2D game. Players must navigate the character through various obstacles and collect an orb that allows them to move on to the next level.


A prototype Windows Phone mobile app which will allow residents of Osaka to share and discover information in a new and fun way. A one semester client project based in Osaka, Japan for Metro 21.

Super Beario Bros.

Super Beario Bros. is a 3 player fast paced brawler game where the winner is the last one alive after others have been defeated. 


7's Wild Ride

A 2D side scrolling iOS and Android game where the player balances a Seven (the resort's mascot) on top of a snowball. A one semester client project for Seven Springs Mountain Resort.