Portal Battle Run


Portal Battle Run is a 2D local two player game where players race to see who can complete 5 laps first while avoiding various obstacles and obstructing their opponent.

Role: Self designed and developed
Game Engine: Godot Engine

Portal Battle Run (prototype) was developed in March 2019 within a week and a half. The goal behind the creation of this game was to have a competitive game that some of my students would be able to enjoy at an event being planned by my colleagues and I. I knew about the popularity of Mario Kart in arcades in Japan and thought a competitive game inspired by Mario Kart could go over well with them.

This was my first time developing a multi-player game and there are still many bugs to be fixed. Overall the game was well received by my students as well as fellow colleagues. Some of the biggest challenges are level design, making sure a level doesn’t feel unbalanced and like it can be navigated fairly as well as creating specific opportunities for the use of certain items to give one player the edge over the other. Designing items as well is a challenge because every item should feel as if it has a place in the game. Though currently I feel as if the Blast Ball isn’t particularly of interest to players.

For anyone who is interested, you can download the game at the link below. Included in the zip file is a readme document which explains the controls and objective of the game.

Portal Battle Run (12mb)