These are projects I have worked on. Feel free to click to learn more details about the project and my role in its development.

Portal Battle Run

Portal Battle Run is a local multiplayer game where players race against each other to see who can complete 5 laps around the course first. But be careful, many obstacles lie in wait.

Sneak It

Sneak It is a first person stealth type game in which the player tries to steal a certain number of relics without getting caught by the guards.


Magneflow is an endless run game based on the simple rules of magnetism. Players must avoid obstacles and try to get as high a score as they can.


Zoompack Challenge

Zoompack Challenge is a skill reflex based 2D game. Players must navigate the character through various obstacles and collect an orb that allows them to move on to the next level.


A prototype Windows Phone mobile app which will allow residents of Osaka to share and discover information in a new and fun way. A one semester client project based in Osaka, Japan for Metro 21.

Super Beario Bros.

Super Beario Bros. is a 3 player fast paced brawler game where the winner is the last one alive after others have been defeated.


7's Wild Ride

A 2D side scrolling iOS and Android game where the player balances a Seven (the resort's mascot) on top of a snowball. A one semester client project for Seven Springs Mountain Resort.