Super Beario Bros.


Super Beario Bros. is a 3 player fast paced brawler game where the winner is the last one alive after others have been defeated.

Role: Self Designed and developed
Game Engine: XNA Framework

During my undergraduate studies I took a Game Design elective taught by Jesse Schell of Schell Games. For our freestyle assignment, we were tasked with creating any type of game of our choosing within 4 weeks. We were also given the option to either work in a group or solo for this assignment. I chose to work on my own for this assignment. I designed a game which is fairly reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. called Super Beario Bros. It is a fun and simple 2D brawler developed using Microsoft's XNA Framework.

I faced many challenges before I was able to finalize on the design idea for this game. While there are features that I did not get to implement and some minor issues that I was unable to resolve before the deadline, I am still fairly satisfied with the end result and knowing that players have fun playing it. Given time I would love to revisit this game in the future and make it even better. If you are interested, below you may find a link to download Super Beario Bros to install on your computer and try out.

Super Beario Bros. (12mb)

For anyone who is curious, below is a link to my game design document. It contains information on playtests and iterations and you will see how Super Beario Bros. came to the state it is in. I personally think you will find it funny when you see what the initial idea was for this game.

Super Beario Bros. Design Document