Zoompack Challenge


Zoompack Challenge is a skill reflex based 2D game. Players must navigate the character through various obstacles and collect an orb that allows them to move on to the next level.

Role: self designed and developed
Game Engine: GameMaker Studio

For 7 months after I completed my graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, I actively worked on a game idea which was originally going to be called Ninja Way (based on a previous game idea) but I later changed it to Zoompack Challenge. I was able to create a prototype which implemented the core gameplay mechanics for one aspect of the game which is a reflex and skill based 2D platformer. The game is reminiscent and inspired by Super Meat Boy. This game is a fairly challenging but fun game that was created using GameMaker Studio and can be played on PC and Android smartphones.

Creating this prototype was definitely an interesting challenge. It was my first time using GameMaker Studio and once the foundation for the gameplay mechanics were implemented, it was all about level design. Designing levels was without a doubt the most challenging but rewarding aspect of development. There is so much more to do if I wish to make this into a fully fledged game, and I would love to delve into it.

For anyone who is interested, you can download both the PC and Android versions below. Included in each zip file is a readme document which explains the controls and goals of the game.

Zoompack Challenge Android ver. (11mb)

Zoompack Challenge Windows ver. (4mb)

Below is some concept art for Zoompack Challenge that I created based on the direction I wanted the game to take.